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Hi, I’m Sharon!

Have you tried the fad diets, weight loss programs …

Diet pills, TV ads or just exercise to regain your physical and mental health?  How did that work for you?  I assume not so good or you probably wouldn’t  be here right now.  You’re in the right place!  Most of those things didn’t give you what you needed to succeed.  It’s not your fault!  Nothing is wrong with you.

You need something that is personalized for you and your lifestyle such as:

  • Lots of support and accountability
  • Help with mindset
  • Monthly assessments to show results
  • Work with you and your lifestyle
  • Different options to choose from to suit your needs
  • Resources and recommendations that keep you moving forward.
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What People are Saying …

When I started coaching with Sharon I did not feel successful.  After coaching with Sharon I was able to move forward confidently to establish my digital publishing and coaching business and I started to feel successful.

Maureen Price

If you are looking for a Life Coach who will laugh with you, inspire you – who will listen intently to not only your words but to your emotions and hidden messages – who will bring out the best ‘you’ you could possibly be, then I highly recommend Sharon Anderson.

Stephanie Carey

Sharon, with patience, and gentle support helped me to un-clutter my physical surroundings and my mind. The questions that Sharon asked me allowed me the space and freedom that I needed to come up with my own unique solutions.


I can help with …