5 Lifestyle Changes To Help Manage Stress

5 Lifestyle Changes To Help Manage Stress

Let’s be really honest. Much of the stress we experience is a result of choices we make and lifestyles that we lead. The following ideas are beneficial to all people who want to reduce the amount of stress in their life and live healthier:

  1. Organize your living and work space – by doing this, you spend less time searching for things. An organized space is more calming than clutter.
  2. Organize your time. You only have so much time. By organizing your time, you will be able to spend it on things that are of greatest importance to you.
  3. Cultivate a supportive social circle. Research tells us that surrounding ourselves with people who support us leads to healthier – and even longer lives.
  4. Take care of your body. Day-to-day stress and day-to-day living take a toll on your body. By engaging in regular exercise, increasing your water intake and eating more fruits and vegetables your body is stronger, your stress is lessened and your health increases.
  5. Renew your spirit. The old saying that “attitude is everything” has validity. Reading, vacation, creative activities, journaling, meditating, praying, and experiencing a higher source of power are all ways to renew your spirit.

These techniques are lifestyle changes that create a more calming environment. Instead of depleting you of energy, these choices restore your energy.


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Sharon Anderson
Sharon has a passion for transforming lives ... Certified Life Coach, Passion Test Facilitator, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Leadership and Management Experience, Compassionate, Empathetic, Overcame Health Battles, Law of Attractions and fun.