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I am so grateful that I contacted Sharon Anderson to be my Life Coach. Sharon, with patience, and gentle support helped me to un-clutter my physical surroundings and my mind. The questions that Sharon asked me allowed me the space and freedom that I needed to come up with my own unique solutions. Thank you Sharon for providing a safe environment in which to voice my truth, and for being such an amazing listener.

I wanted guidance and coaching on strategies around my business and personal life – I felt challenged with time management, organization and creating systems.

I was able to organize my notebooks – from having several to just one with different sub-sections, making it easier for me to find notes and having only one notebook created a feeling of space and enlightenment in my life and business.
I also felt challenged with having time to spend on my business on a consistent and daily basis, as a result of working from home. Working through this issue with Sharon, I was able to come up with a simple and effective method of diarising my schedule consistently and sticking to the time allotted for building my business.

Anyone looking to move forward in their lives would benefit from working with Sharon. She is warm, friendly and professional, holding me accountable every step of the way. I also enjoyed the meditations and visualizations which she treated me with in our sessions. I would highly recommend Sharon for coaching you to success.

When I started coaching with Sharon I did not feel successful. After coaching with Sharon I was able to move forward confidently to establish my digital publishing and coaching business and I started to feel successful. She started each session with a brief guided meditation where I stepped up a stairway to success and imagined myself feeling successful while I looked back at all the steps I had taken to achieve success in my business. I recognized the work I had already done and realized that I deserved success. Sharon treated me with respect and asked me if it was okay for her to make a suggestion. I liked her approach to coaching and highly recommend her as a success coach.

The first thing I noticed first about working with Sharon is that she was fully present with me on our coaching call. Sharon made me feel safe and supported. Making real change in your life isn’t always easy but Sharon helped me see how I could move forward and challenged me in a way that helped get past my own hangups. I felt inspired and ready to make my goals a reality.

I have recently had the utmost pleasure of ‘meeting’ Sharon Anderson and being on the receiving end of her wonderful Life Coaching skills. Sharon is, without any doubt, simply a natural born Life Coach who had inspired me to reach new heights and to let my spirit sore! With Sharon as my coach, I have found myself searching depths of myself I didn’t even realize were there and uncovering great strengths and endless energy which I then directed (under Sharon’s guidance) into achieving goals and targets I simply did not realize I could achieve – until I connected with Sharon Anderson! If you are looking for a Life Coach who will laugh with you, inspire you – who will listen intently to not only your words but to your emotions and hidden messages – who will bring out the best ‘you’ you could possibly be, then I highly recommend Sharon Anderson. Simply put, Sharon is an inspiration, a motivator and a heck of a wonderful person!

Thanks so much for the coaching session today. It has really helped so very much!! I feel like I am on-track – Wow!

I found Sharon a true inspiration I would finish each session feeling incredibly enthusiastic and confident. Sharon helped me through goals I didn’t think were achievable.

Thank you Sharon your true inspiration.