FAQs 2016-12-11T16:22:20-05:00
What is Coaching 2016-12-11T16:22:21-05:00

A life coach is a professional that is different than a therapist, counsellor or mentor.  The coaching process holistically addresses specific personal/career goals, health, life transitions and relationships.  We will examine where you are now to where you’d like to go, what challenges or obstacles could occur and making a plan of action to get you there.  A life coach supports you, motivates you and holds you accountable.

What is the Passion Test? 2015-09-08T21:32:11-04:00

The Passion Test is a system (Save Your Self Time Energy and Money) that will take you through an elegantly simple process to identify your top passions. Once you’ve identified your top passions you will have a series of tools to help you in living your passionate life.  Read more here.

Who are your clients? 2016-12-11T16:22:21-05:00

Typically my clients are 35-55 year old working women & moms, who are in management/leadership positions or entrepreneurs.  They could be feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, exhausted on the point of burnout which encompasses mental and physical health issues and/or not loving their job.  This said I have worked with both sexes, younger and older and in other areas of my clients life where they need support.

What kind of payments do you accept? 2016-06-10T20:40:15-04:00

If you are located in Canada I accept interact e-transfer (email transfers from your bank account).  I also accept PayPal and credit cards through Square.

I’d like to get started. What should I do? 2015-09-06T22:46:51-04:00

I offer a 30 min complimentary success strategy session via Skype or phone to see if we are a good fit for each other.  Contact me to set up yours and we can go from there.

Where do you meet your clients? 2016-12-11T16:22:21-05:00

Manifesting For Life offers convenient 1 hour weekly sessions over the phone or Skype audio with the client contacting the coach at the agreed upon time.  It is efficient, timely and helps maintain the momentum.  The coaching sessions can be arranged to meet the requirements of each client.  This typically follows a 90 min intake session.  Alternatively face-to-face meetings can be arranged if located in the Ottawa area for an additional fee due to time and travel.

How do I know if we are a good fit? 2016-12-11T16:22:21-05:00

Finding a coach who is a good fit for you is important.  It’s best to speak to your potential coach to be sure you are comfortable with them and feel a connection and develop the trust necessary to reach your goals and transformation.

How do I choose a life coach? 2016-12-11T16:22:21-05:00

You want to choose someone who is certified as not everyone who calls themselves a life coach is certified.  Coaching is a profession that has standards, regulations, specific skills and training taught by qualified schools.

I have been certified by Coach Training Alliance and Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy.

You may wish to see if there are testimonials or references available from present or past clients who have had results and happy with the coach.

I have some of my past clients testimonials listed here.  I offer references upon request.

What is expected from me? 2015-09-05T17:40:20-04:00

You are expected to contact your coach at the previously agreed upon time, be on time for your appointments, make payments on time if on pay plan, complete the actions you listed and be fully present during our time together.